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The round pegs in the square holesA very diverse team of professionals

OneOverZero AG

Founded in 2005, OneOverZero employs twelve highly skilled engineers (computer science, geomatics, electronics, civil engineering, aerospace engineering - yes, even rocket science!), eleven with a Master Degree, six with Ph.D. OneOverZero AG is fully owned by its employees, has experienced constant revenue growth, and has been profitable since day one.


Roberto Brega

Roberto Brega phd

Roberto is a computer scientist specialised in robotics and system software. His bias towards inter-communicating, intelligent devices served as a catalyst to the inception of OneOverZero mobilization platforms. As former CTO of LogObject AG, Roberto’s contributions have been awarded with the European Award for Logistics Excellence 2005 (ELA) and the Swiss Technology Award 2005 (STA). Roberto holds an ETH Master Degree in Computer Science and a Ph.D. in Robotics; He authored a dozen papers on real-time systems and robotics.

Damon Fenacci

Damon Fenacci phd

Damon is a computer scientist specialised in compiler-driven data layout transformations for embedded network applications. After graduating in 2002 from ETH Zürich, he worked at LogObject AG and thereafter at Esmertec AG (SWX:MYRN). During his experience at Esmertec his interests toward compiler programming grew and in 2007 he decided to start a Ph.D. at the University of Edinburgh (Institute for Computing Systems Architecture) and graduated in 2011. At OneOverZero Damon joined the team developing iPhone and Android applications. Between 2017 and 2018 Damon did a Post Doc in High Performance Computing at Queen's University in Belfast and re-joined OneOverZero at the end of 2018.

Michael Gatto Michael Gatto

Michael Gatto phd

Michael is a computer scientist specialised in optimisation, algorithms and data structures, holds an ETH Master Degree in Computer Science, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Computer Science from ETH and did a working Post-Doc in the USA. Michael has a broad experience in planning systems and has contributed to the development of complex software solutions. Prior to his commitment at OneOverZero he worked at Quintiq, a Dassault Systèmes company, where he was the functional owner of a complex solution for roastering people over multiple time horizons in a challenging operational environment.

Gabrio Rivera

Fabiano Ghisla msc

Fabiano is a computer scientist specialised in software development, network systems and relational databases. Fabiano has several years of experience in designing, developing and maintaining complex, full-stack software solutions. After completing his study at the ETH in Zürich with Master Degree in Computer Science he started working as a software engineer at Sunrise Communication AG, the largest private telecommunication provider in Switzerland. At OneOverZero Fabiano works in close contact with clients in the design and development of the next generation of web-/mobile solutions.

Andrea Lombardoni

Andrea Lombardoni phd

Andrea is a computer scientist specialised in global information systems. Andrea's skills encompass software design, object-oriented databases, formal web engineering and networking protocols. His experience in managing computer infrastructure led to his deep understanding of system and network administration. Andrea holds Master Degree and a Ph.D. in Computer Science, carried out at the Dept. of Information Systems, ETH.

Davide Mancuso

Davide Mancuso msc

Davide is a recognised mobile software architect and technologist with over 20 years of international experience in the telecommunication industry. Before joining OneOverZero Davide was Principal Architect and Head of Technology at Zurich-based Esmertec AG (SWX:MYRN), a world leader in mobile software and embedded Java runtimes, where he was in charge of the technology roadmap and innovation. Earlier in his career Davide worked as a CTO at Gekolab group (mobile content production and distribution), as well as a consultant for WD+ and PA Consulting group in London.

Ezio Martelli

Ezio Martelli msc

Ezio has a Master Degree in Civil Engineering from ETH Zürich and after graduating he started working at Ernst Basler & Partner as a Project Manager. He then continued his career at Società Gestione Progetti (SGP) and afterwards at Elektrowatt Infra. While at Elektrowatt Infra his interests in technology led him to get in contact with LogObject AG where he later on worked as a Product Manager. In this position Ezio was responsible for the development, marketing and sales of LOTraffic, an innovative detection system, which won the Swiss technology Award in 2005 (STA).

Roberto Morelli

Roberto Morelli msc

Roberto is a computer scientist with ample interests and experience. Roberto worked on guidance systems, databases, middleware and embedded software. His knowledge of software design, graph theory, information systems and operations research is unrivalled. Roberto holds an ETH Master Degree in Computer Science. Prior to his commitment to OneOverZero, Roberto worked for LogObject AG, Toni Dairy Products, Helix AG.

Gabrio Rivera

Gabrio Rivera phd

Gabrio is a computer scientist specialised in software development, system architecture and project management. Gabrio relies on several years of experience in both designing and developing software solutions, applying innovative architectures and technologies, as well as leading developer teams in complex projects. Gabrio holds a Master Degree and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the ETH Zürich. Prior to his commitment to OneOverZero, Gabrio worked for Ergon Informatik AG and AWK Group.

Marco Romagnuolo

Marco Romagnuolo

Marco is a computer scientist with more than 20 years experience in the telecommunication industry on distributed systems processing real-time data. Before joining OneOverZero Marco worked at Sunrise Communications - the largest private telecommunication provider in Switzerland - as technical lead for the EAI platforms. In his career Marco also held the position of solution architect and lead developer for Orga Systems, the provider of a rating and billing solution that serves more than 150 millions customers worldwide.

Andrea Terribilini

Andrea Terribilini phd

Andrea is a surveying engineer with broad interests, ranging from computer graphics to distributed and embedded systems. His Ph.D. research focused on graphics algorithms aimed at rendering digital terrain models. The cornerstone professional achievement of Andrea, previous to joining OneOverZero, was the design and development of a distributed system for parking facilities. Andrea holds a Master Degree and a Ph.D. in geomatics from the ETH Zürich. Before forming OneOverZero, Andrea worked for ZEAG, Geodev SA, Meier, Calastri SA.

There is more to us

On top of an exceptional team, OneOverZero usually resorts to its academic and partner connection network for complementing its know-how and manpower should this be required. The strong bonds to ETHZ, EPFL and world class partners allow us to complete our knowledge in order to cover all aspects of a project, from design to coding, from UI/UX to management.

The right tools for the jobFor businesses and consumers

Business-to-employee communication

Enterprises with a large number of full- or part-time employees face the challenge of optimizing their communication with the workforce: availabilities and absences, planned assignments and their execution reports, submission and processing of forms (e.g. expense reports) pose a considerable burden to the back-office.

Our business-to-employee portal takes care of these aspects by consolidating all communication workflows into an easy-to-use, scalable, bring-your-own-device web/mobile application. It is cross-media by design and supports modern web browsers, tablets, smartphones, featurephones, email, calendaring applications and SMS.

Sales quotation generation

We design and implement server-based applications that consolidate, streamline and mobilise the sale of products and services.

With their notebooks or tablets, field-forces can browse product catalogues, spec a formal proposal and quote prices under the strict guidance of the server-side business logic. The quotation generation is complemented by modules for customer relationship management, acquisition of used equipment, financing, leasing, production schedules, service level agreements, etc.

Automation of field-forces

The optimal deployment of field-forces, e.g. field technicians, is a common challenge of service-oriented enterprises. For these scenarios we realized an application framework for the automation of service activities on top of which customised solutions can be implemented.

The framework supports the end-to-end process bound to service activities: an initial inbound call received by the call-center triggers the data gathering process relevant to the active case, which is presented to an operator who can select a technician and schedule an on-site intervention; the personnel in-the-field uses its mobile phone or notebook computer for acknowledging the activity and reporting duties, which are immediately sent to the guidance system, in real-time; back-office verifies the reports and passes them to the company ERP system, where they can be post-processed for billing and statistics purposes.

Time reporting

Zeitr is our web and mobile application for time reporting. It tackles the two major challenges faced by companies across many business segments: booking of time on a per-project basis, reporting of activities on a per-day basis.

The very loose application business logic allows for a wide range of usage patterns: from unstructured to semantics-rich, from flat to hierarchical. This flexibility is ensured through a smart tagging mechanism, which empower the users with a simple yet powerful feature.

Zeitr is offered on a usage license basis (SaaS) and is remarkable for its high ROI and almost inexistent up-front-investments required.

Personal finances

Monsai is a web application for managing personal finances. At its core, smart algorithms automatically categorize and aggregate expenses. On its surface, its compelling user-interface presents data in a visual and fun way.

Monsai helps us (and you, too!) combine the different accounts and credit cards, while letting us discover where all the money goes.

While in other countries similar applications have already won the heart of many clients, Monsai is the first application of its kind to be released in Switzerland with support for Swiss financial institutions.

Native, hybrid, and web frameworks

The many projects we undertook during the past couple of years prompted us to synthesize a small set of core functionalities that are common to every mobile/web application. This yielded three frameworks (native, hybrid, web) that relieve us—and our clients—from all the heavy-lifting and boilerplate code that is needed for modular and secure applications for both mobile and web.

The frameworks are owned by OneOverZero and are used today by many important Swiss financial institutions, looking for a robust, audited, penetration-tested, and mature foundation upon which mobile services can be custom built.

Android mobile printing

We all strive for a paperless workflow. And yet reality (and legal requirements) sometimes work against us. When this need arises, we use our mobile printing framework for Android devices. The software works as a generic, independent module which can be easily integrated into third parties applications. It works with the majority of portable printers available today on the market and can address the most complex requirements.

Our technology meets your challenges We listen, we build, we deliver


OneOverZero and its employees have more than 100 man-years of experience in the design and implementation of complex, dependable, high-performance, enterprise-class IT solutions and, in particular, in the realm of mobilization of business processes.

During our first seven years of activity, we completed a significant number of high-profile, mission-critical projects on-time, on-budget, using best-of-breed technologies to the highest customer satisfaction.

Clients that elected us as their partner choose engineering excellence and a competent team that help them think outside the box, characteristics that few IT companies share and which ultimately result in high efficiency, performance and return on investment.


We are proficient in a wide range of disciplines and we take pride in tackling the hardest problems. We help our clients take advantage of technology by choosing the best solution for the challenges at-hand, devising the best mapping for the given use- or business-cases, realizing their visions for the constantly changing business and technology landscape.


It is our firm belief that a talented engineering team that is able to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the client is paramount to the successful realization of demanding projects. Geographical proximity, language affinity, 24/7 on-site availability of every member of the team, valuable intellectual contributions and commonality of goals complete the formula.


We know enterprise requirements: availability and security. We confront the first with scalability, redundancy and resilience to errors. We attack the latter with best-of-class methods and algorithms. Our methods have been audited, our solutions penetration tested many times over. And if that does not suffice, we are available 24/7/365.

Our clients are our partnersTheir success is our pride


Avesco AG is the exclusive CAT reseller in Switzerland. It provides a wealth of products and services for the construction industry. Avesco is a strategic partner of OneOverZero.


Securitas AG is the largest provider of manned security services in Switzerland. OneOverZero was entrusted with the development of a new set of tools aimed at optimising their employee- and client-facing processes.


Tozzo AG is an innovative construction company based in Bubendorf. Tozzo AG deploys eBrick and Zeitr for most of their civil- and underground-engineering tasks.


Cornèrcard—a subsidiary of Cornèr Bank AG—is a private and independent Swiss banking institution. First to introduce the Visa credit card in Switzerland (1975), Cornèr Bank AG entrusted OneOverZero with the implementation of their mobile banking solutions.

Clariden Leu

Clariden Leu—now Credit Suisse—is a Swiss private bank based in Zurich, Switzerland. The institution resorted to OneOverZero for the design and implementation of their enterprise portal for relationship managers aimed at customising, pricing and booking structured products.

Neue Aargauer Bank

Neue Aargauer Bank AG—a Credit Suisse subsidiary—is Switzerland largest regional bank. The OneOverZero solution allows clients to access their accounts, transactions, safekeepings, and mobile payments with direct scanning of orange slips.


BlueBotics SA is a spin-off company of the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL), EPFL. Bluebotics uses OneOverZero real-time system XO/2 for their high-end mobile robots.


OneOverZero partners with Swisscom, the largest Swiss mobile operator for business-to-mobile (b2m) and mobile-to-mobile (m2m) projects.

Touring Club Schweiz

TCS—Touring Club Schweiz—employed OneOverZero competences for the design, implementation and 24/7 support of their dashboard solution for car patrols.


Ergon partners with OneOverZero for the development of mobile solutions. In 2012 Ergon used our mobile printing framework for Android devices in a solution for the largest Swiss public transportation company.


Orange Communications is a leading mobile telephony operator. Orange asked OneOverZero to build a quotation generation portal aimed at maximising the conversion rates of business customers.


Givaudan is the world largest producer of flavors and fragrances. OneOverZero supports Givaudan for database system design, optimization and maintenance.


Anliker AG is a major construction company with expertise in renovations, building- and underground constructions. With projects in different locations around Switzerland Anliker AG deploys Zeitr for most of their reporting tasks.


ZEAG AG is a world-wide leading provider of parking system solutions. OneOverZero provides consulting services in the realm of server application design, and distributed systems.


Swisslog is a global supplier of integrated logistics solutions with a comprehensive portfolio of services. These services range from building complex warehouses and distribution centers to in-house logistics solutions for hospitals.

Innovation builds upon knowledge Our people are our knowledge

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